How to sign up to play soccer with us!

Southeast Soccer Club warmly welcomes all players to join our club and is committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for everyone. We celebrate the diversity of our members, and all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, countries of origin, ethnicities, and abilities are valued and supported at SESC.

When registering your child for a team, please consider their preferred gender identity when choosing a team environment.

When is registration open?

Spring - All

Feb 15th - March 15th

Fall - Mighty Mites

May 15th - August 15th

Fall - Recreation

May 15th - July 15th

Dev. & Comp.

See overview pages

How to register

Registration for our leagues happens through our Registrar Website, Sports Connect.

Registration Instructions

  1. Go to Sports Connect and create an account or log in.

  2. Once you have logged in, you will want to add your children to your account. You can do this from the Players section on the My Account page.

  3. When children have been added, you should be able to see if any Programs are available from the My Account page.

  4. You can register by clicking on the "Programs Available" button next to the child you want to register, or by clicking on "Register Now" in the header (in the top right corner).

  5. You are then directed through a registration process where you will also be able to sign up for volunteer roles as well (including Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Manager).

Registration FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions we get about registration at SESC:

Is my child guaranteed a spot on a team?

Registration at SESC is on a first-come, first-served basis. While there are closing dates for registration, when a team fills, it is closed. Do not delay in registering!

We've changed our mind. Can we get a refund?

Of course! Things happen, and kids' minds change—we get it. Contact our registrar and let us know, and we will issue you a refund.

Can I request which team my child will be placed on?

For recreation, yes—as long as you register early, you can specify which coach you want to be with on the registration form.

No, for competitive. Our teams are based on birth year, and if there are multiple teams at each age group, they are filled based on skill level.