Mighty Mites' game rules.

Mighty Mites Modified Rules for U6 & U7

SESC follows the Portland Youth Soccer Association (PYSA) Laws of the Game, as stated in the current PYSA Parents Guide for modifications that have been made to account for the recreational spirit of our league and the age of our players. The following modifications apply to all U6 and U7 play.

General Game Information
Game Length 40 minutes
Half Length 20 minutes
Halftime Length 5 minutes
Field Size 20x30 yards
Game Format 3v3 (no goalies) with small goals


Officially begins the game at each half and restarts play after a goal is scored. The ball must go forward and cannot be touched again by the kicker until it is touched by another player. Opponents must be on or behind the quarter field line in their half of the field when the ball is kicked.

Goal Kick

Taken by any defending player to restart the game when the ball goes out of play past the goal line and was last touched by an attacking player. The goal kick is taken in front of the goal, all opposing players must stand on or behind the half line until the ball is kicked.

Corner Kick

Taken by any attacking player to restart the game when the ball goes out of play past the goal line and was last touched by a defending player. The kick is taken in the corner area on the side of the field where the ball went out of play. Opponents must be 10 or more yards away.


Taken to restart the game after the ball goes past the touch line (sideline). The kick is taken by any member of the team that did not touch the ball last, within one yard of where the ball went out of play. The kicker places the ball on the side line and kicks it to a teammate. A ball going into the goal from the kick, without touching another player is not a goal and results in a goal kick for the other team.

NOTE: The player taking a kick off, goal kick, corner kick, or kick-in may not play the ball a second time until it is touched by another player.

Drop Ball

A ball may be dropped by the referee between two players (one from each team) to restart the game after play was stopped for a no penalty situation (after an injury or if the referee did not see which team put the ball out of bounds). The ball is dropped where it was last in play or at the nearest point outside the quarter field area. The ball must touch the ground before being kicked.

Fouls and Misconduct

Players are not allowed to kick, trip, jump at, charge, obstruct, hold, push, or strike an opposing player. The basic rule is “play the ball, not the player”. Players also may not strike, carry or propel the ball with their hand or arm. The key judgment for the hand ball foul is whether the contact was “hand to ball” (foul) or “ball to hand” (no foul). Slide tackling is not allowed in recreational play.

The player committing any foul is penalized by the award of an indirect free kick to the opposing team. The kick is taken at the place where the foul occurred, unless it is between the quarter line and the goal line, in which case the kick is taken on the quarter line at a point nearest the foul. In both U6 and U7 games, all penalties are indirect, i.e., another player must touch the ball before a goal can be scored and there are no penalty kicks at all. All opponents must be at least 6 yards away form the ball at the time the kick is taken.

PYSA Guide in PDF can be downloaded Here.

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