Competitive Pricing

Here is what it costs to play on a competitive team with SESC.

Division Current Season's Birthyear Price 1
U11 2014 $1,450
U12 2013 $1,450
U13 2012 $1,450
U14 2011 $1,450


  1. Can be payed in full at the beginning of the season (early summer), or through a payment plan throughout the year. We also offer financial assistance, please contact us to learn more.

What does the price cover?

The cost for each player is for the entire year (Summer, Fall, Spring - May through May). It covers field rentals, coach stipends, team training equipment, tournament fees, referee fees and league fees.

It does not guarantee a certain amount of playing time, but it does ensure that every player trains and is coached equally by our coaches.

It does not include personal equipment (cleats, shin-guards, ball, etc), uniforms, or personal training gear (warm-ups, jackets, etc).

Practices, Games & Tournaments included for the U11-U14 Seasons

Season Practices/week Total Games Tournaments
Summer 2 0 2
Fall 2 8 1
Spring 2 8 1