Parent Roles

At Southeast Soccer, the Mighty Mites program thrives on the incredible energy and support of parents like you! Every volunteer plays a vital role in creating a fantastic experience for our young players.

There are several exciting opportunities where you can contribute and make a real difference.

Thank you for playing with us!

Snacks and Sharing

  1. Contributing to Team Treats: We love to share smiles and snacks! To create a joyful atmosphere, we encourage families to contribute snacks throughout the season. If you'd like to participate, you can let the team parent know your availability. No pressure at all, every bit helps!

  2. Dietary Considerations: If your child has any allergies or dietary restrictions, please feel free to share them with the team parent confidentially. We believe everyone should feel comfortable and safe enjoying snacks, and we'll make sure everyone's needs are met.

  3. Snack Guidelines: To ensure a healthy and balanced feast for all, we'll work together as a team to create some friendly snack guidelines. This way, we can cater to everyone's preferences while keeping things fun and nutritious.

  4. Halftime and Post-Game Munchies: Whether we provide snacks at halftime, post-game, or both, we'll decide as a team to ensure everyone enjoys the experience. Your voices and suggestions are always welcome!

Mighty Mites