2nd - 4th grade

Our development program starts at U8 (about 2nd grade) and runs through U10 (4th grade). It comprises the first three years of our competitive program, and aims to provide a more focused, year-round training and development program.

Why Development?

If your child is currently in U7 Mighty Mites, or 2nd-3rd grade recreation - you may be wondering - why would I choose to put my child into the development program instead of continuing with recreation?

Good question. A good question is often answered with another question. Or in this case, questions:

  • Does your child live and breathe soccer? Are they constantly wanting to kick a ball around? Are they interested in watching professional soccer?

  • 😠 Are they frustrated with the level of play on their current team?

  • 🎓 Are they excited to learn as much as possible about the game of soccer and how to get better at it?

  • 🏆 Are they competitive and play to win?

  • 🥇 Are they out on the soccer field for more than just a good time with friends?

We think a "Yes" to any of these questions probably is a good indicator they should try our development program.

General Development Details

General Information

U8 U9 U10
Birth Year 2017 2016 2015
Price $750 $900 $900


Practice times and locations are unknown until just before each season starts. Coaches will communicate practice times and locations with their teams.

U8 U9 U10
Practice Length 1 hour 1.5 hours 1.5 hours
Summer Practices 1 2 2
Fall Practices 2 2 2
Spring Practices 1 2 2

Ideally, our development teams that have two practices a week get one practice on grass and the other on turf.


All development games are on Sundays at Delta Park.


U9 and U10 teams have one Summer tournament.

Summer tournaments are decided on sometime between the end of tryouts and early summer by the coach and team.

U8 teams do not play in tournaments.