5th - 8th grade

"In every competition, there are no winners or losers, only learners." - Nelson Mandela

When our development teams reach U11 (around 5th grade) the league becomes defined as "competitive". Scores and records are kept each season, tournaments are played in the summer, and each year the team's compete in a state wide ranked tournament.

The Competitive Season

Season Dates Event
Spring Early May Tryouts
Summer June - August Practices & Tournaments
Fall September - November OYSA Fall Season
Winter December - February Break / Futsal
Spring March - May OYSA Spring Season

Early May: Tryouts

Each year, in early May, Competitive teams hold tryouts. Most players carry over from the previous year, but a few new players are added, and occasionally entirely new teams are formed. Please see our tryouts page for more information.

Summer: Training and Tournaments

After tryouts, teams take a few weeks off before starting Summer training and tournaments. Our competitive teams play in at least two summer tournaments and practice twice a week throughout July and August.

Fall: OYSA Season, Founder's Cup and President's Cup

In the Fall, competitive teams play their season through Oregon Youth Soccer Association (OYSA) against various clubs located throughout Northern Oregon and Southwest Washington. Depending on the team's division, they can play in the state's Founder's Cup or President's Cup.

Winter: Break (or Futsal)

In the winter, teams take a break, although some form Futsal teams and play throughout the winter months.

Spring: OYSA Season, State Cup and Tryouts

In February teams start practicing again, preparing for the Spring OYSA season which goes from March until May. Premier division teams play in the State Cup. The Spring season takes teams right up to tryouts again, in early May.

Our 2012 Girl's Competitive Team, The Wolves