Fall 2023: Mighty Mites

The Mighty Mites’ season begins in early September.

September 9th: Coaches Clinic at Berkley Park (3701 SE Bybee Boulevard). Two sessions: 9am – 10:30am or 11am – 12:30pm
September 11th: Practices begin!
September 16th: Games begin (see schedule below)

We are using the MOJO app this season for schedules and communication. If you have not already, download the app and request an invite code to your team. Please email James at web@sesc-pdx.org and he can get your invite code.

Fall 2023 Game Schedule

All games are at Winterhaven Elementary School in SE Portland on Saturdays, on the fields located on the corner of SE Center and SE 16th Ave.

Sept 16 

Fields 1/2 Fields 3/4 Fields 5/6
9am B Orange Tigers v  Grape ApesK Kickin Kiwi v  Ballin BananasB Green Dart Frogs  v Blue Turtles
10am K Crossing  Currants v Shooting  StrawberriesK Agile Apples v  Bouncing  BlueberriesG Orange Dragon  Lillies v Red Roses
11am K Chipping  Cherries v Punting  Pink GrapefruitsG Blue Morning  Glories v Green  Daisies
12pm K Aiming Apricots v  Running  RaspberriesB Green Lizards v  Blue JaysK Passing Plums v  Goaling Grapes
1pm B Red Cardinals v  Yellow Lions G Purple Primroses  v Pink Poppies

Sept 23

 Fields 1/2 Fields 3/4 Fields 5/6PHOTOS
9am K Crossing  Currants v Agile  ApplesB Yellow Lions v  Orange Tigers9: grapes &  grapefruit  9:20 cherries &  raspberries  9:40 Apricots &  bananas
10am K Goaling Grapes v  Punting Pink  GrapefruitsK Chipping  Cherries v Running  RaspberriesG Purple Primroses  v Orange Dragon  Lillies10: kiwis &  blueberries  10:20 Lions &  Tigers  10:40 Currents &  Apples
11am K Aiming Apricots v  Balling BananasK Bouncing  Blueberries v Kickin  KiwisG Pink Poppies v  Blue Morning  Glories11:20  primrose & dragon  lilies  11:40 roses &  daisies
12pm B Blue Turtles v  Blue JaysB Grape Apes v  Green LizardsB Green Dart Frogs  v Red Cardinals12: plums &  strawberries  12:20 poppies &  morning glories 
1pm K Passing Plums v  Shooting  StrawberriesG Red Roses v  Green Daisies 1: frogs & cardinals  1:20 apes & lizards  1:40 turtles & jays

Sept 30

Fields 1/2 Fields 3/4 Fields 5/6
9am B Grape Apes v  Yellow LionsK Running  Raspberries v  Balling BananasG Blue Morning Glories v Red  Roses
10am K Agile Apples v  Passing PlumsK Punting Pink  Grapefruit v  Shooting  StrawberriesG Orange Dragon  Lillies v Pink  Poppies
11am K Chipping  Cherries v Goaling  GrapesK Aiming Apricots v  Bouncing  BlueberriesB Orange Tigers v  Green Dart Frogs
12pm B Red Cardinals v  Blue JaysG Green Daisies v  Purple Primroses
1pm K Kickin Kiwis v  Crossing CurrantsB Green Lizards v  Blue Turtles

Oct 7

Fields 1/2 Fields 3/4 Fields 5/6
9am B Blue Turtles v  Red CardinalsB Green Dart Frogs v Grape ApesG Purple Primroses v Red Roses
10am K Bouncing  Blueberries v  Running  RaspberriesK Balling Bananas v  Chipping CherriesG Pink Poppies v  Green Daisies
11am K Punting Pink  Grapefruit v Agile  ApplesG Orange Dragon  Lillies v Blue  Morning Glories
12pm K Shooting  Strawberries v  Goaling GrapesK Passing Plums v  Kickin KiwiB Green Lizards v  Yellow Lions 
1pm K Crossing  Currants v Aiming  ApricotsB Blue Jays v  Orange Tigers

Oct 14

Fields 1/2 Fields 3/4 Fields 5/6
9am K Running Raspberries v  Crossing CurrantsB Yellow Lions v  Green Dart FrogsG Green Daisies v  Orange Dragon  Lillies
10am K Balling Bananas v  Balling Blueberries K Chipping  Cherries v Shooting  StrawberriesG Red Roses v Pink  Poppies
11am G Blue morning  Glories v Purple  PrimrosesK Aiming Apricots v  Passing PlumsB Red Cardinals v  Green Lizards
12pm K Goaling Grapes v  Agile ApplesB Orange Tigers v  Blue Turtles
1pm K Kickin Kiwi v  Punting Pink  GrapefruitB Blue Jays v  Grape Apes

Oct 21

Fields 1/2 Fields 3/4 Fields 5/6
9am B Green Lizards v  Green Dart FrogsK Bouncing Blueberries v  Chipping CherriesG Pink Poppies v  Purple Primroses
10am K Goaling Grapes v  Kickin KiwiB Blue Jays v  Yellow Lions
11am K Punting Pink  Grapefruit v Aiming  ApricotsB Blue Turtles v  Grape ApesG Green Daisies v  Blue Morning  Glories
12pm K Crossing  Currants v Balling  BananasB Red Cardinals v  Orange Tigers
1pm K Shooting  Strawberries v Agile  Apples K Passing Plums v  Running  RaspberriesG Red Roses v  Orange Dragon  Lillies

Oct 28

Fields 1/2 Fields 3/4 Fields 5/6
9am K Aiming Apricots v  Goaling GrapesK Agile Apples v  Chipping Cherries
10am B Yellow Lions v  Blue TurtlesG Blue Morning  Glories v Pink  Poppies
11am B Grape Apes v  Red CardinalsK Running  Raspberries v  Punting Pink  Grapefruit G Orange Dragon  Lillies v Purple  Primroses
12pm K Bouncing  Blueberries v  Crossing CurrantsB Green Dart Frogs  v Blue JaysG Green Daisies v  Red Roses
1pm K Kickin Kiwi v  Shooting  StrawberriesB Orange Tigers v  Green LizardsK Balling Bananas v  Passing Plums

Nov 4

Fields 1/2 Fields 3/4 Fields 5/6
9am K Punting Pink  Grapefruit v Balling  BananasB Grape Apes v  Orange Tigers
10am K Passing Plums v  Bouncing  BlueberriesK Chipping  Cherries v Crossing  Currants
11am K Goaling Grapes v  Running  RaspberriesK Shooting  Strawberries v  Aiming ApricotsG Red Roses v  Blue Morning  Glories
12pm B Blue Turtles v  Green Dart FrogsB Yellow Lions v  Red CardinalsG Purple Primroses  v Green Daisies
1pm K Agile Apples v  Kickin KiwiB Blue Jays v  Green LizardsG Pink Poppies v  Orange Dragon  Lillies