MOJO App Tutorials

Using the MOJO app to build practice plans

Once you have setup a practice event in the app, you can touch on the practice (anywhere on that practice card that is not one of the RSVP buttons) and it will take you to the individual practice page.

There you can “select a focus area” or let the app build a practice automatically for you by clicking on “Create Automatically”.

When you select a focus area, it will offer a bunch of practice options. We are building out our own library under “Custom”, but you can find a lot of great practices under Skills. When you pick a skill you will get a list of practice options – notice the light blue headings above the sets of practice options – they will tell you if the practice plans are “suggested for your team”, “easy for your team” or “hard for your team” based on your age group.

After you create a practice plan you can edit it by clicking on “EDIT” in the top right on the practice page. Choose “Edit Activities” and you can add or remove individual activities, or change the length of them.

Your entire team will be able to see your practice plans.

You don’t have to use ALL the activities they suggest, either. Pick and choose the ones that work for your team. Be sure to touch/click on each activity to see the details of the activity: a video preview of what it’s like, detailed setup instructions and instructions for running the activity, including keywords and concepts to teach.

Happy Practice Planning!