Parent’s Code of Conduct


Parent’s Role

  1. Provide transportation to and from all practices and games. Respect your coach’s time: be punctual in arrival and pickup of your player.
  2. When possible, stay and watch practices as well as games and lend players your support in a positive manner. Do not point out their mistakes or criticize – leave team and player management up to the coach. Support your child’s efforts as well as their accomplishments.
  3. If unable to attend the practice or game, teach children not to talk with or leave practices or games with strangers. Let your coach know if they are riding with someone else.
  4. Ensure your player brings equipment to and from all soccer games and practices. Identify equipment with a pen or permanent marker.
  5. Be available to kick the ball around with your child.

Parent’s Code of Conduct

SESC considers conduct by parents and spectators to be supportive and positive at all times. The following Code of Conduct for parents emphasizes the key areas that all parents and spectators are expected to abide by:

  1. Remember that children play organized sports for their own fun.
  2. They are not there to entertain you; and they are not miniature professional athletes.
  3. Be on your best behavior. Don’t use profanities or harass players, coaches or referees.
  4. Applaud good plays by your own team AND the opposing team.
  5. Show respect for your team’s players and opponents. Without them there would be no game.
  6. Never ridicule or scold a child for making a mistake during a competition or practice session.
  7. Condemn the use of violence in all forms.
  8. Respect the referee and do not criticize their decisions.
  9. Encourage players to always play according to the rules.
  10. Do not coach team players, including your own child, from the sidelines during the game.
  11. Communicate with your coach and create a positive, supportive working relationship.
  12. Avoid the use of fear and a win-at-all costs mentality – a child’s first priority when playing is to have fun.